I am close to finishing some high volume 20+ sets training and was thinking about doing some lower volume HIT type training for a couple weeks. What would be a balanced routine using as lttle volume as possible? I am not interested in turning this post into some debate over HIT just want to know if anyone has any ideas.

As “little volume as possible?” Well then,
that could be as little as, one set per week

Overhead Press




Widegrip pullup switching to chins for
last few reps

You wanted as little as possible…

Check out classix.com for some routines. You can do a good full body workout with 8-14 exercises, if you go less than that, you are doing “Hardgainer” style super abrevieted stuff, which usually works out more like a powerlifting workout than body building.

I do two full body routines a week, one on Monday, one on Friday. Here’s the routines:
Monday – pullups, squats, dips, abs. Friday – deadlift, bench press, rows, abs. Each workout takes 45-50 minutes. It’s a well balanced routine, the volume is up to you.

heya i had the same idea maybe trying some HIT
just for a change for a few weeks…anyway
i just checked out classix.com and the site had nothing to do with weights …is the site correct? if not can we have the correct one please? id like to check it out



classicx.com. oops

Thanks for the info especially the site