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HIT Training

I’ve decided to embark on a HIT program and was wondering if anyone here had any experiences with it. I did a search and about all I could find was a group of articles done by Chris Shugart a few years ago.

My main question for those of you who have done it, how does it typically build up over time periodization wise? Right now I’m hitting a rep target of 8-12. I figure I’ll do that for a month and then maybe drop it to a 5-9, and then possibly lower.

Also, how often would one typically change excercises? I’m currently planning on keeping the same movements for a weeks worth (3) of workouts and then alternating the following week, ie squats one week, deadlifts next, flat bench one week, inlcine next etc.

I look forward to the feedback.

Don’t expect it to work for long. It’s a pretty ineffective way to train. But if you want to hear it praised go to Ellington Darden’s website. Do a google search or go the interview Shugart did, it’s listed there.

I did HIT, and it seemed to be the best thing ever if you love being sore for 6 days.

As for switching exercises, Mentzer never suggested this- he wanted you to stay on the program because of specific reasonings. everything was as efficient as possible in his eyes.

Personally, I’m a larger 225lbs than I was at 235lbs when doing HIT. my arm measurements are actually larger, and my legs are easily the same size. I’m a powerlifter now, using the Westside Methods. I guess you need to look at your goals, look at the top guys and figure out what’s the best program to use.

I will warn you that Mentzer’s program basically ignores an adequate volume for the upper back/rear delts. I HIGHLY suggest supplementing the program with more rear delt work, and perhaps using Rows instead of pullovers or pulldowns (substitute one for Rows).

PM me if you have any real questions, but I’d recommend you don’t stick with HIT. look at what he’s saying (focus on recovery, proper technique, proper form) and apply it to your current routine. perhaps you will notice changes without spending a lot of (what i consider) wasted time on HIT. you’re not gonna get strong, and you’re sure as hell gonna spend a lot of time sore. Be prepared.