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HIT Training?

What it HIT training? And is it as effective as I’ve heard? I’m a military SWAT team instructor, and my time gets taken up either in the class, or after class trying to adjust my lesson plans (as tactics change all the time). I’ve read that HIT is good for people with very little time and is actually a better workout. Anyone who has first-hand knowledge, please respond and let me know if it’s worth trying.

“And is it as effective as I’ve heard?”


HIT is High INtensity Training. It operates on the principle that one set to absolute failure is greater for muscle growth than other methods.

It is a decent program and can work for a little while, but it is often presented it a pretty dogmatic way by most of it's advocates, and, despite what they would have you believe, it is not the end-all be-all of weight training.

There is not a lot on this website, but you can check out Poliquin's "Training with Maximal Weights" which wors HIT into it for a short period of time.

Hope this helps.

High Intensity Training, involving short bursts of sprints,stair climbing, etc etc. with minimal rest periods done in a short amnt of time. Ease into!!! at first.

Agree with John…

For those who are not one of those dogmatic, un-yielding “disciples” of HIT, it can be an integral part of an overall periodized program…however…it is NOT “the only program you will ever need…”

So…set your goals…and perhaps use HIT as a PART of an overall program to reach your goals.

Hope this helps!

Not to be confused with HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training. The way I understand it, it’s mixing bursts of high-intensity cardio with low-intensity cardio, back & forth in the same session. Hope that helps.