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HIT/Training with Kids

Dr Darden,

Live younger - muscles stronger! I have a very active 5,5 y.o. daughter who is into streetdance. She has been with me on fitness classes with kids, since she was newborn. Later on, we have built stations as a curcuit maybe once weekly, but had to stop since Covid started here in march 2020. Also involved in her father going to the gym regularly, having interesting questions about your books… LOL

Considering your experiences with kids (you have mentioned your son, Tyler) - where do you recommend to start with my daughter? Continue with circuits/stations? I would love to bring her with me to the gym for a fun filled routine of machines, but not sure she would fit. Since you know your Nautilus machines - how soon can you fit a young trainee in them? Any other advice based on your experiences? Free weights? What can a kid-routine look like?

Yes, you can strength train kids. It’s probably best to begin with free-hand exercises. Just make sure that you do all the movements smoothly and stay away from seeing how much a child can lift for a single rep.

As for using Nautilus machines, you have to be at least 5-feet tall to fit into most of them.

The best book on this subject is “Strong Kids, Healthy Kids” by Fredrick Hahn. I see that it is still available on Amazon.

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