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HIT Training post Mag-10

I started a 6 week mag 10 cycle doing 3 weeks of GVT, then 3 weeks of Maximal Weights (5x5). Now I’m just looking to maintain what I’ve got - keeping the calories at maintenance during the 3 weeks post-cycle and NOT increasing volume to a point that I start to lose lean mass. Mufasa’s recent post about maintaining mass (that was met with much agreement) said to keep intensity high and volume low. I’m thinking that a progression from 10x10 to 5x5 to HIT might make sense. Any comments? If so, where can I find a HIT workout on-line so we can take this for a spin for a few weeks? Thanks!

So you anti-HITs don’t think I’m crazy read the following. Where can I get more info about HIT?

John M Berardi 2000-10-25 09:30:33
Go ahead Chris! I agree totally. About the training, I have poor recovery ability so I need infrequent training and low volume to progress. In 95 when I was training for the NABBA USA contest, I used the Heavy Duty program (slightly modified but not much) with alot of success. I was like 195 in contest shape (1-2%fat) from daily cardio (1hr) and 3 days of Heavy Duty training (45min per session) per week. No one would believe me that I trained that infrequently. They thought I was just lying to them to hide some “secret”. I liked the program but I like others too. I think cycling training is the best approach. I do a month of mentzer every 4 months or so of training. So 3 months out of the year I use Heavy Duty.

I might be wrong, but I think that an alternate type of intensity is needed when dieting. Close to 1RM workouts is “intense”, not “sets to failure”

Check out week 4 of “12 weeks to super strength” by King. That’s what I think is meant by intensity

I think that HIT while dieting would cause your metabolism to downshift too much due to the lack of input and calories. I might be wrong though

I’ll be maintaining calories. I want to preserve my gains from the cycle.