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HIT Training Mistakes I've Made

In no particular order:
Training too infrequently (once every 14 days)
Using too few sets (1 set per bodypart)
Using too few exercise choices (e.g. only chest press for chest)
Not using enough variation (e.g. sticking to one cadence)
Not understanding my fibre type and ideal rep ranges
Using too many forced reps
Training too frequently (3 days on / 2 days off)
Not taking breaks from training (e.g. no weeks off and no missed workouts in over a year)
Training when injured or ill

I’m sure I’ve made others. Thoughts?

Training mentzer style…too infrequently
Training Yates style…too explosively
Split routines
Diet…too much fat and protein
Eating too infrequently
Worrying about increasing weight over form
Overtraining…3 days a week…now I do 2

I am sure there are tons more, :laughing:

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Diet mistakes… blimey:
Not caring about diet
eating too frequently
eating too infrequently
too much protein
not enough water
drinking 1 gallon of water too quickly
eating too much
severe dieting for contests… and more!

Frequency and volume require self-experimentation to dial in, and probably changes over time, and with life style circumstances. For myself, I keep returning to twice a week, and with a moderate number of sets/exercises. I dial the intensity up or down according to post workout soreness and subjective assessment of how well I’ve recovered. And I find this to be true whether I’m doing mostly HIT, or more traditional strength training.

What do you mean by drinking the gallon of water too fast?

Not Enough Sleep
Following the Mentzer Diminishing Returns path for too long.
Too Many Exercises per Workout
Fear of Layoffs


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For me it is definitely focusing on adding more weight too quickly at the expense of perfect form or speeding up the reps.

Also putting on the fat blinders during a muscle gain phase and pushing body weight up too quickly. Goes back to increasing weight lifted too fast so I assumed the weight gain was muscle, but after a little longer seeing it was fat.

== Scott==
Yes over analyzing can sometimes take you down the wrong rabbit hole. You read so and so said this and so and so said that and pretty soon you don’t know what to believe and what to do. Like this Neuro stuff I was reading lately, I easily got caught up in that stuff with out really fully examining it and you start questioning everything you do or like did that guy in that article say 5 , 6 or 10 reps?? Is it really that big of difference? It’s fun to read about this muscle building stuff but sometimes you just gotta go do what you feel like doing and forget about what you read in that last article and go hit the weights!


Drinking the whole gallon in an hour or so rather than spreading it across the day

Yeah, that would be too quickly, :laughing:

  • Listening to only a couple guys training advice

  • Following Dr. Ken type routine for way too many years

  • Not splitting my routines

  • Training way too hard every workout.

The correction for all these mistakes and getting back on track was tuning into Brian Johnson’s stuff.


Same, Brian Johnson’s stuff took me to another level. I found Darden’s routines worked for me when I applied breakdowns, 21s, rest pause. Brian’s books gave me further ideas to vary a led to further growth.

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Sorry for the ignorance. Who is Brian Johnson and what books are you talking about?

I was wondering the same. It simply can’t be the vocalist in AC/DC…

Haha I keep finding a Brian Johnston with a t but I want to make sure I’m right.

Yes, I trained under AC/DC. :slight_smile:

Brian D Johnston spent some time on previous Darden forum. He goes back a long way with exercise and some organisations. Small bio in the links below. He published some books on J-Reps (various partial reps in various formations.) But I bought some of his more recent books. They aren’t published on Amazon or anything. I grabbed a few and loved them…then bought more…then he did a big single volume printed out in a nice hardbound book. Cost me a ton to get posted to Australia. But by this time I was hooked. He doesn’t seem at all keen to publish properly beyond what he sold on his own. His email is one of these links below.

His books focused on variety and bodybuilding. Variation being important in stimulated muscle size changes. So the books I got from on were full of ideas to vary exercise. e.g. partial reps in different formations. Various forms of rest pause. Different rep schemes. I used to use drop sets and 21s …his books gave me more ideas. I basically use Darden workouts but found regular straight sets did nothing. I had to use various intensity techniques …with variety to stimulate a change. Brian’s books matched what I learned over a long time…which was exciting. And then he added more ideas for variation. And they worked.

Here are some links…I haven’t watched/listen to them so not sure of the content.

Rikus if you had to recommend one of his books which would it be?

High-Density Training probably…think he had two of these. But he combined everything together in one giant 500 page book called Advanced Bodybuilding Methods and Strategies. It had the HDT books and another called Variations.

Ask for Advanced Bodybuilding Methods and Strategies and get the lot.

How does one go about doing that?