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HIT Training Log + Anabolic Diet

Cutting time has started:
short term goal: 20 weeks to diet down, hopefully to lose 30lbs at least
long term goal: get in the juniors under 23’s top 5
week 1 starting weight this morning 233lbs
height 6ft, non-natural, training 6 years, 4 months anabolic diet

first week plan to stick to close to 2500kcal a day at the moment, 50-60% fat and 50-40% protein, once every two weeks i will have a carb up load for 2 days.
will adjust week to week to pin point ‘sweet spot’ as well as some percentages may change

weight training will be same it always has, whole body split into 3 weeks,
week 1: chest,triceps,delts rest 5-10 days
week 2: quads, hams, calves abs rest 5-10 days
week 3: back, biceps , forearms. rest 5-10 days

cardio activities after work:
wood chopping 30min-1hr
hiking 1hr
adventure time 1hr

Before pics??