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HIT Training, Anabolic Solution Diet Log

Cutting season has started!
Goal: lose 40lbs or more by September, losing 1-2lbs each week, getting down to single digits body fat.
Long term goal: get in the top 5 under 23â??s juniors in the uk in september
Diet plan: every day have between 2500-3000 kcals each day, at around 50-60% fat, 50-40% protein
-Once every 2 weeks 2 days carb load, at 3000 kcals at 60% carbs and 40% protein

-Adjust kcals at the end of the week from total , to get closer to my goal (gain weight, less kcals in the week, to much weight loss add little kcals)
-if energy is low during day, have 1 diet fizzy drink, or a shot of double cream
-pre-workout energy is consists of 600mg caffeine tabs, and 2scoops of craze once a week

Training plan: weight training will remain the same,
Week 1- chest, triceps and delts rest 4-10 days,
Week 2 â?? legs, calves and abs rest 4-10 days
Week 3- back biceps rest 4-10 days
Week 4- repeat
Cardio activities:
3-4 times a week 1hr sessions of adventure time!
3-4 times a week 30-45min of wood chopping
image will be coming soon!
lets start