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Hit the wall - any ideas?

T folks, I have been cutting for about 6 weeks and have hit the wall. BW is currently 192. BF is 12.5%. Goal is to get under 10%BF by the last week of Feb. I started with a 2 week fat fast. Then went to T dawg (1). Supplementing with T2(original)and ECA stack and Tribex. Used 4 ad-ec during the fat fast period. Caloric defecit is about 1000 cals/day and I am doing 20 min. cardio sessions 4X/week. My carb level is about 40g/day mostly from greens. Protien has been averaging 150g/day. I just seem to have hit the wall. Started this cutting cycle doing fat to fire but have recently strayed and am doing an HST program to work on some weak spots. Wondering if Methoxy might juice my metabolism up again? Thoughts or comments appreciated. Going to a beach vacation and want to shed the love handles as much as I can.

Time for a couple of cheat meals or a carb up perhaps? See Joel Marion’s article and the T-Dawg 2.0 article in the current issue of T-mag online.

Hi, Hedo!!! Boy, I’ve been there. Only my wall or plateau lasted two months. I changed my caloric intake only slightly (only 140 calories), made a few subtle changes, and was able to get back on track.

First off, your LBM is 168 lbs. You need to be taking in 1.5g of protein per pound of LBM. When you use LBM vs TBW for calculations, 1.5 is a better number, “better” at preserving LBM. So start by upping your protein`to 250g per day. You will be taking in 400 calories more per day, but trust me on this one.

Do you use John Berardi’s P+F and P+C food combining? I’d strongly recommend it, with all carbs coming in the meal immediately after your workout or first thing in the morning on non-workout days (not counting cardio).

Cardio looks good. Too much more than what you’re doing and you’ll start losing LBM, especially since your so hypo-caloric.

You didn’t list how many fat grams you’re taking in. And a 1,000 calorie deficit is extremely severe if you’re not doing androgens. Translation, you’re losing LBM. You may not realize it, but when you take in more than 12-15% of your calories in the good fats, specifically flaxseed and fish oil, you upregulate your metabolism and your body secretes an enzyme that causes you to burn more stored body fat. The same does not hold true if you increase your intake of SATURATED fat.

How many meals are you eating? Are you eating every 3 hours (or less) without fail? I’d actually like to see you getting in 40g of protein SIX meals a day.

I see you doing some positive things for thyroid function, like T2. But there’s one other thing you could do that would give your metabolism a SIGNIFICANT kick in the butt – calculated, scientific carb refeeds. Let me outline it for you. This is what I do.

  1. Keep carbs <30 per day. Greens are good, but avoid sugar, fructose, honey and milk sugar (galactose). All of these sugars preferentially fill liver glycogen stores. 30g is low, but hold on. It gets better.

  2. Carb up every four days. A carb up is going to boost T3 levels, leptin levels and restore glycogen levels so that you can work out harder in the gym. The trick, though, is to drop fat as close to zero as possible on the days you carb up. Insulin is a storage hormone, right? No fat eaten, no fat stored. Since I run so low on carbs, insulin is busy refilling my glycogen store.

    Carb up rules, take in 100g (or more) of STARCHY carbs; i.e., rice, potatoes, pasta, spagetti, oatmeal, etc. You will take in 100g of carbs twice, two meals. If carbing up causes you to suffer from cravings, save your carb up for the last two meals of the day and go to bed. That way you won’t have to deal with 'em. If cravings aren’t a problem, try the first two meals of the day or the first two meals after working out.

    Once again, avoid sugar (a disaccharide that includes fructose), fructose, milk, honey and maybe even fruit carbohydrates.

    Keep fat as low as you possibly can. I eat high fat on non-carb days (40% of calories), but on carb up days, I keep it about 10%.

    To keep digestive difficulties to a minimum and to be able to take in all the carbs you’re trying to take in, keep protein to less than 20g per meal for each of the two carb up meal.

    If you try my approach, you should see the results you’re looking for (i.e., fat/weight loss) in the first 4-day cycle, but no later than the second 4-day cycle. If you’re losing more than 1 pound per 4-day cycle, you’re going to need to raise your calories.

    Any questions, feel free to ask.

try doing your cardio as followed, first 5 mins as you normally do, then 25%-40% harder for 30 secs and back to your reg for 30 sec, then back to hard for 30 sec, back to reg, etc do this until the 15 min mark, and then last 5 mins at your normal pace…i found that this made a huge diff when i hit the wall, brought me down to 11% when i was stuck at 13%. Also try to do first thing in morning or right after weights…seemed best for me!

Hey, hot, are you really Shawn Philips? :slight_smile: Yeah, that version of HIIT is a killer and gives great results, although I’ve never used it to get off a plateau. Good idea.

Guys thanks for all the good advice. TT I thought my body may have adjusted to the restricted cals. This seems like a good way to mix it up. Also the cardio intervals I did today. Ballbuster for sure. Thanks again guys.