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Hit the Bitch



It's a Danish PSA aimed to discourage domestic violence, but I think something got lost in translation.

Then again, after the 3rd slap I was feeling pretty bad about myself...


dame i didn't even know why i was hitting her. then at the end she cries and im an idiot.


The second best page in the universe. I slapped the shit out of that bitch.


The best I can understand, at the beginning she's mad at you/insulting you, but I'm sure we have a few scandinavians who can translate better?


im sure she says "dose it make you feel like a man, hitting a woman" or something like that


Yes, yes it does.


Ummm... no pimp-slap backhand action?


Two random thoughts:

Lets face it if she wants it that bad she would probably be crawling back to me if I did that.
For some women the drama of abuse seems to actually be worth the pain.

Then, I wonder how many men are furiously spanking it to this website.

That is all.


I'd hit it like the fist of an angry God....sexually.


Yea, no. :frowning:


They did a good job at the end. It would be nice if I understood what I was hearing and reading.


You noticed too?


LOVE the Pussy/Gangsta meter at the top...

Makes you feel like you're improving yourself by hitting this chick. If I'm less of a pussy, I'll get more hyooge!


I figure she likes it. Why else would she just stand there?


Wow, that was wierd. She should have just stopped talking shit. I would have gone easy on her. Instead, I had to go 100% idiot!


damn that's a nice game
SLAP feels great


The start:

"I've had a great evening".

"Yeah of course I danced with somebody".

"You're not in charge of who I dance with"

Then random slander throughout as disciplinary action takes place, cba writing down all


I was hoping the meter at that top was a reflection of how hard I was hitting her with each individual hit. I was furiously swinging my mouse across my desk hoping for a higher score. Missed opportunity there. Oh well...


I somehow like her.

Indeed, some women like to get hit and won´t shut up. They insult their boyfriends, knowing they´ll get more abuse and later run after them.
I absolutely can´t understand them and I´d never beat any of my girlfriends up.


Weird site, I also tried to backhand her only to be disappointed :frowning: