HIT Progression - when you can’t increase reps

Hi everyone,

Been on my New HIT-inspired routine (thanks again to everyone that helped with it) for a month now and it’s been great. This is my first time doing a workout of one set per exercise and I wondered what you do when you can’t increase the previous workout’s weight or reps? For example, I’ve now gotten 10 chins with 15# added for two workouts in a row - DB shoulder press has been the same too.

Typically I would add another set to get more reps or possibly loosen up my form but I want to stay strict to the HIT spirit. Is it okay to stick with the weight and reps for a while until they start to increase or should I switch exercises?

It just feels “weird” when I’m only doing one set and it’s the same as the prior week but maybe that’s also just a mental block to get over.

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