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HIT Events in 2021?

Happy New Year! This is probably my last post of the old year.

Is there any HIT conventions, seminars, lectures or similar awaiting in the new/next year? I can’t wait for Dr Darden to hold lectures/seminars online.

I understand there will be a total Super High Intensity Training Show sometime in 2021. Details to follow.


I just did a massive Conjugate Revisited And Additional Partials seminar.

I came away from it feeling like a different person. Like 10 lbs. lighter.


Pardon? Are you HIT-ting (on) me?

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Conjugate training combines both the dynamic effort and max effort with high repetition ancillary exercises to incorporate multiple training modalities in what is hopefully an optimized system to train both force production and power.

Additional partials like board presses, band assisted negatives and whatnot could really use their own weekend, but they’re a nice touch to taper down from the heavy bulk of primary subject.

I’m sorry SkyzykS, but you sound a bit like previous member “Planet health”. Not sure what to do with your information. Praises for your efforts in using complicated words that actually make sentences. I’m out of here until something useful comes up. This is not meant as an insult in any shape or form.

No joke man. I remember that goober. This is a legit system used by some of the strongest guys in the world.

Louie Simmons and Dave Tate have also done numerous articles and collaborations with this site. Very easy to verify.

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Ok, SkyzykS! The jokes on me! Sorry for misinterpretating. It’s just that when something can’t be explained in fairly simple terms, I get suspicious. Now, english is not my first language either.

It’s all good. :+1:

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I think there is a show on Netflix maybe? Westside vs the world. I’ve seen it, but can’t remember if he goes into much detail but it might be worth watching if you’re bored

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They don’t really go into great detail. But still a interesting watch.

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Keep talking like that and your going to give the impression your highly intelligent😉

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That’s probably the general consensus. :joy:


Thanks for the input guys! Now I feel this thread is lifting itself! It makes me smile for some reason.

Will be sure to check out that movie.

You can’t go wrong with old school dinosaur training. Conjugate training sounds like the real deal. Might be useful for breaking a plateau?

Yeah, that and reaching new ones!

It’s definitely tough on recovery though. Eating a lot, sleeping a lot, anything else that helps recovery-a lot.

But it shows up in the lift totals.

Lol great acronym

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Jesus, I’d live to see @Planet_Healh walk into Westside Barbell and try telling them about his decades of study.

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Mayhem! We are talking balls to the wall here… LOL

I couldn’t imagine how that might go. Like Eval Knieval trying to jump the grand canyon in a steamroller.

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It took me this long to see that :sweat_smile: :rofl:

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