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HIT Chest/Triceps Workout


Hello all, I'm new to posting in the forums but I've been skulking in the shadows for a few months now. Anyway, I just wanted to ask a few questions about HIT.

First, a quick background:
I'm 17, been lifting seriously for about 9 months, but less seriously for a year. 140lbs, 5'6", Have squated 330lbs for 2 reps, never tried ORM. I train with a guy who used to train powerlifters, so the form's all good. Bench is not great, 165lbs for 3 reps. I'm afraid I'm English, so I think in kgs, I'm using a converter here. I'm pretty serious about lifting - I took it up to supplement Martial Arts, but it's taken over as my number one priority - goals are really a mix of aesthetics and strength.

Anyway, now the boring intro is over... I started HIT on the 12th. It's fantastic, probably the most gruelling workout I've ever done, although I'm used to splits so maybe this is one of the reasons. For the first couple of sessions (I trained on the 15th too) I've been finding my ideal weight, as I'm not used to doing more than 6-8 reps, 5 for the squat. Anyway, my routine (I'll just post my last log):

Start: 4:45
End: 5:30

Squat: 12*130kg
Bench: 9*65kg
DB Bench: 8*25kg
Overhead Press: 8 * 17.55kg
Weighted Dips 12*17.5kg
Shoulder Shrugs 15*30kg
Compound Row 13*84kg
Pullups 9*-
Levered Bicep Curl 15*46kg
Calf Raise 13*120kg

Anyway, my problem is that the chest stuff isn't really doing it for me. It's okay, but when I had a split with just the bench on a 4*8, I was having better luck. So... Any suggestions on little tricks to really push that chest/tricep workout? Also, I'm not convinced about the Shoulder Shrugs -- any really nice shoulder stuff other than overhead press (btw, some of the exercises are with DBs, I've listed the weight of a single DB, you can probably tell which)?

And obviously, I'm still finding the right weight for a couple exercises in there, anything over 12 reps will be going up.

Anyway, cheers, hopefully I won't get flamed too bad for my meagre efforts!


You're pretty strong for your size. I don't wanna burst your bubble but I was once in your state of training so I'll talk from experience here....

HIT training will burn you out quickly. You might wanna check your form on the bench if you claim you don't see any improvements.