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Hit By a Truck... In a Good Way

Hi there, I’m new here. I have been lifting in one way or the other over the last 22 years mainly to suplement my Martial Arts/Combatives training which I have been doing for about 33 years now.
I have finished my first session from the 30-10-30 book yesterday afternoon (took me about 13 minutes). After that I wondered what such a short session could do for me. At around 8 o’clock in the evening the Truck hit me… When I woke up this morning I felt as if it had come back while I was sleeping.
I definetly have to lower the weights for next time. Minus 30% of my 10 rep max is not enough for me considering the fast pace. Still I wonder if this kind of training rather targets the nervous system than the muscles?

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That’s the thing with 30-10-30, post-workout you’re left unsure how much stimulus you’ve inflicted, then the impact kicks in. :astonished:

When older, it tends to become evident two days post-workout.

Yes, yes, I agree.

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I share these experiences also. What surprised me when I after a period on a different routine, returned to 30-10-30 two days ago, was the pump I actually got.

Imagine a decent full-body pump everywhere - close to feeling like the michelin man! “So this is how it feels to prep for stage”? LOL

On a serious note @Ellington_Darden - are you supposed to get the pump effect from 30-10-30 or is it just a coincidence? What are your experiences?

Yes, you are supposed to get a terrific pump from 30-10-30.

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