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HIT and the X3 Bar/Band Training

Dr. Darden, I’ve been using HIT since the ‘90s using many of your (and Arthur Jones’) books and articles along the way. I recently took time off to rehab a nagging shoulder injury. My PT introduced me to the X3 Bar and variable resistance through the use of bands. I immediately liked it because it shares a few principles with HIT, such as slow controlled reps and a one set to failure protocol. Many of my nagging injuries and soreness have disappeared and believe it or not I’m making muscular gains…and my joints love it! I don’t want to get into the debate about X3/bands vs weights. I am going to use both moving forward and integrate them where possible. My question is twofold: Do you or anyone here have experience integrating the two methods of training? Has anyone applied HIT to X3 Bar/Band training? Thanks for your time!
Chris Masters

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I don’t see why it couldn’t work out for for hit training bands have the most resistance when stretched maximally so work really well when doing negatives or static holds!