Hit and Rep Tempo?

What’s the accepted rep speed for general hit training? Mike mentzer used a 4-24 cadence for 6-9 reps making it a tut of 60-90 seconds!

Generalization: 4 seconds positive - 4 seconds negative. For 8-12 reps which makes 64 to 96 sec TUT.

But, it depends on the excercise in question. For example I believe the Nautilus pullover machine may benefit from an even slower tempo, perhaps up to 7 seconds in either direction.

On the other hand you have the newer techniques/tempos according to Darden (30-30-30, 30-10-30) which equals 90 sec TUT.

Not forgetting the latest Surge program, which I don’t know much about, but from the looks of it, it maybe correlates a bit to Darden’s previous specialization routines.