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Hit a Weight Plateau

Almost a week now and i havent lost a single gram…although eating super clean and working out everyday … been on my diet for almost 6 weeks…was seeing progress on daily bases until this past week.

Im 6"3 228 lbs right now…im running on a 2000 calrie diet 2 days then going down to 1700 for 4 days then back up to 2200 for 1 day then back to 2000 calories for 2 days and so on.

How long should i expect this plateu to stay??? Another week ,a month? More than that?

Any feedback is appreciated

I would recomend you to just stick with it.
There are tons of reasons for our body to hold some water, for example. Stress, some mild infection or disease we dont even feel, something going on in our intestines, etc.
A week is not too long. Stick to another week - maybe you are holding some water and you actually do lose fat all the time and when the bloat goes off you will see all these 1-2 weeks worth of fatloss.

If not - change something. Eat 500kcals more one day, or take a rest day. Or on the opposite - take a fasting day. But for now i dont think you need to panic and change stuff.

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Well noted…thx for the tip