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Hit a Vein!

wow thanks for all the great help guys! eh whatever the lump is gone as is the bruise, I guess I heal pretty fast. No replies needed I guess at this point unless you guys would like to suggest something encase other people have a similar issue.

I know with oil steroids it’s not recommended to put ice on the lump but what about water based ones? I took a warm shower and everything worked out pretty darn well.

Water baseds disperse so fast that you don’t need anything. If youre doing more than 4 cc at a time use multiple injection sites. You can also do it with the insulin needle unless youre doing some homebrew with pellets that would clogg it.

I hit a vein in my quad some time ago and had a real good bleed. Not squirting but it kept coming. After I got it to stop I kept it bandaged for a couple days. I used really hot showers and massage to get rid of the hardness. In less than a week I was 100% better with minor bruising.

Nobody told me there would be bleeding!!!