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Hit a Vein!

Ok so blood wasn’t shooting across the room but it hurt a wee bit.

Ok so I was injecting my usual 50mcg of IGF-1 into my shoulders after my workout and I thought I would try and inject into my rear delts for the first time. I did the usual, stick it in, pull back to make sure I get only a bubble, it was good to go so I pushed down the plunger.

The problem came when I was pulling the needle out, I must have pulled it out at a different angel b/c it jerked and when it came out so did blood. I took the alcohol pad and applied light pressure until the blooding stopped (like 5secs later) but now its a bit sore, black and blue, and a very small lump.

My question is should I apply some ice now or what? lol damn my shoulders were sore enough without this!

No Ice it makes things worse if you are using oil steroids. Just wait it should go away relatively fast.

[quote]tyhill wrote:
No Ice it makes things worse if you are using oil steroids. Just wait it should go away relatively fast.[/quote]

IGF is water-based, but ice won’t do much. It’s just a bruise. You likely went through a vein, injected, and when you came back out the blood came with it. I swear this happens to me about every third time.

If this happens it will help if you apply pressure for 30-60 seconds or so, to reduce the buildup of blood in the first place. If you don’t apply pressure this pressure the bleeding on the surface may stop but the vessel is still bleeding under the skin.

Lol thanks guys for responding but this post happened when the servers went down and we had all those funny posts, as a result this one is a duplicate of my origonal. If you look at the date of this post its a few weeks ago.

I had said in the origonal post that I just applied pressure and the bleeding stopped very quickly, then I took a warm shower which eased the soreness and the bruising.

Lol I feel ya though shwartz I do it every so often haha oh well.

Thanks for responding though guys! I knew not to do it for oil based stuff just wasnt sure of about H2O based. Not that I have to worry about oil based thanks to customs…

I dont think I have hit a vein yet…Thank goodness for that… Sounds fun…LOL

I have noticed sometimes when I poke with Tren A, I get a little burn feeling, feels like a wasp bite for just a minute or so…

But all in all its all good, I love TREN A…


LOL Good thing it was’nt Tren,you’d still be coughing!

To make the long story short: injecting is no big deal.
Sometimes you hit a vein sometimes you don’t. Sometimes it gets a little sore, sometimes it gets a bit more sore. Sometimes you get a knot, sometimes you don’t.
It don’t matter it’s all normal and gets the job done.
Basic rules: Use only top quality gear preferably for human use and new syringes and needles… and don’t worry about anything until you get a lump that is growing bigger.