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Hit a Plateau


Hoping y'all might be able to help me. I am 41 years old, in reasonably good condition and have trained with weights since high school. I have set goals to Power Clean 275#, Power Snatch 225# and Deadlift 400#. I was never a powerlifter in HS because I played basketball and football, and I grew up on the "form over function" lifting concepts made famous by Arnold, Weider, etc, that was very popular in the 80s.

Since I started deadlifting about 3 years ago, I have made reasonably good progress; but my power clean and power snatch stagnated from the beginning. I research these lifts and practice them extensively, and have added supplemental exercises to help (rack pulls, hang cleans, floor pulls, etc + the usual shoulder strengthening, squats, front squats, etc). Nevertheless, my deadlift progress has come to a stop at 305#, and no matter what I do, I can only do about 155#, and my power snatch is abysmal (I won't even tell you so I don't get embarrassed). I eat right, live right etc. I have tried some hormone stimulators from GNC, but nothing really helps. Any ideas? I am 75.5" tall, so I fight height.


Sorry I've got no advice to give but I'm in a similar position. I deadlift and squat 440lbs and front squat 308lbs but my snatch is really poor in comparison. In fact it was much better when I used to play a lot of Basketball (when I was much weaker). So I have some strength but lack power. I'll keep watching this in the hope you get some answers.