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Hit a Nerve... Please Help


I received bad advice and injected into my front delt... being a slight novice I didnt realized i hit a nerve and completed the injection..within minutes a pain through my bicep and my pointer middle and thumb went numb..no paralisis though..its been 6 days and I have much pain..the area is very sore and painful when I try certain shoulder rotations...i cant even do a 20 pound flye..should I see a doctor?Can they even do anything?..Will this heal and get better?..Please help..Thank you


I feel for you bro...I've done the same thing before...some people just don't have much luck inj into certain bodyparts.
As long as there is no inflammation or redness I wouldn't sweat it too much, but if your shoulder is still immobile after 10 days I'd get it checked out.



if there is no swelling and redness, then i'd just massage it every day and maybe try a heating pad. If it gets hot to the touch and really red, it could mean an abcess, which would require a doctors attention.


You really should go see a doctor and tell him the truth about what you did to yourself.


Are you sure you hit a nerve and not just tore up a tendon real well? I think if you had hit a nerve you wouldn't of been able to complete the injection.

I don't do injections so this is more of a question than a statement.


just an observation...if you hit a nerve you would have known right away. i've only hit a nerve once, while injecting my right quad...and the needle basically jumped right out of my leg (reflex action). i doubt you could finish the injection if you truly hit a nerve dead on. my guess is that you probably hit a vein causing a hematoma. if the pain continues, go see a doc.


Hate to say it bud, but you hit the axillary nerve, mostly its C6 branch. You could have permanent nerological damage if you don't see someone soon. Update us ASAP!


I should clarify. You probabaly impinged upon the aforementioned nerve through other mechanisms (i.e. localized swelling from the injection due to damaged tissue, etc). Still, go see a Doc.


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See that sounds like you hit a blood vessel and a bunch of blood went into the tissue causing problems. I've hit nerves in my quads and basically it hurts like hell and the whole muscle starts jumping around. I've also hit blood vessels, hurts a little less but bruises and ends up hurting for days. In fact my right hip is killing me today for just that reason. . .



The only time I ever hit a nerve was also on my right quad, and the needle shot out of my leg on a violent knee jerk before I ever got the needle more than a centimeter in. Right before I went down the first centimeter or so, I felt a slight tingle, so I used that as a warning from then on. That mistake was on my first and only cycle, and if I were to ever do another, I would not bother injecting into my legs anyway, that feeling was a feeling I would prefer to never have again.


Hey guys thanks for all the advice..this is my screen name, I posted question on buddies..Shoulder is starting to feel a little better..I have upper body on Monday so well see...I think from what everyone is desribing to me that i might have hit a tendon and the inflamation impinged on the nerve..I used a 25 gauge 1 inch pin into my front delt which is already attrofied from a car accident so I think it ent all the way through possibly into my tendon...Anyway Ill think ill be ok..Thanks all