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Hit a Milestone Today!


I would like to thank everyone that has been there for me on this wonderful lifelong journey. I would like to thank my friends, trainers, family and everyone on the forum.

Today while leg pressing a PR, I farted with the force of 350 lbs mid rep. I know I have a long way to go but its really nice to have milestones to look back on and remember.

Have any of you guys or chicks ever had any other noteworthy accomplishments that might be motivational to your fellow lifters?


Step off

I'm doin the hump




Wait, so that was a 350 lb. leg press or 350 psi out the ass? One is kind of impressive. The other, not so much.


There's a rule to posting a PR.
It can only be:



What about calf raises?


god i love you


PR jizzes > PR farts



Brb, starting a fart challenge thread