Hit a Big Deadlift Milestone Today 750 @ 190

Was up at 430, didn’t get that great of sleep last night. Took a nap and woke up around 11 still tired. I didn’t know how deadlifting was going to go but said I was giving 750 an attempt today. It moved better than I expected, I was surprised.


Pffft, “autistic” lifts don’t count.

Lol, just kidding. That’s fucking awesome, man!


Thanks dude.

Awesome lifting and completely legal reps.

I’m just waiting for some of the keyboard lifetrs on this forum to come out of the woodwork LOL

By the way, at what poundage did you switch to sumo?

What are you hoping to hear?

If you mean Deadlift weight, I switched to semi around 585, ended up pulling 620 conventional in a Meet before giving in and going full sumo when my semi hit 640

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Fucking awesome!


great work dude. You’ve been improving at a hell of a rate. And particularly impressive that your bodyweight hasn’t been moving.


Beautiful pull as always man. We need this thread stickied so we can send every person who posts a “How does my sumo look?” thread can see this and title it THIS IS HOW SUMO SHOULD LOOK.

Good shit man #GOATat198


Thanks guys

It has its ups and downs about 2 weeks ago I weighed myself at night and was in the 220 class I think 198 Ends at 198.6 I was .8 but for the most part only about 4 lbs heavier from a year ago. Very hard for me to gain weight. I’m taking a weight gainer now to maintain ha ha

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I’m amazed at how straight your back is even during a max attempt. My back rounds at even submaximal weight. I’m not sure if it’s an issue with back strength, hamstring flexibility, bracing, or all three.

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It’s back strength and bracing. Plus it’s easier to not round with sumo.

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Hey Vince, what sort of assistance work or variations do you use for your deadlift? I look at your training log now and then and it looks like you mostly just deadlift, is there anything I missed?

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If I wasn’t able to get into such a good position my back would round. Since my back is near vertical it helps a lot.


I ran conjugate for a while and it was moving well but stopped for a wnpf meet I was going to enter. I missed the deadline for it and got talked into a Uspa meet in wraps coming up near me. Once it’s over I may go back to the variations. I was using block pulls 2.5", stiff bar deficits 2", stiff bar paused Deadlift, and banded Deadlifts. Maxing one every other week and pulling for speed the second day during the week.

Wow ! A 4 times bodyweight deadlift never fails to impress. Good work man

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I’d hit it.

Seriously, great pull man.


I saw the 750 deadlift in the title and was all like “Fuck yeah” especially given your BW. Then I saw that it was sumo. . . and I was all “Fuck yeah”.

Seriously, good job!


So you don’t see any value in doing things like conventional dl, rdl, sldl, gm? I wasn’t convinced myself but every time I cut those out and just do sumo pulls I start to get shaky legs around knee level, otherwise I’m limited by what I can get off the floor.