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Hit a Bear with my Car


Well I just wanted to share this little experience with you. On the way to a day long hike, I was going 35, mind you that was exactly the speed limit, when a black bear jumps out in the middle of the road. I swear it looked like it was trying to commit suicide. Suffice to say, my swerving and slamming on the breaks weren't enough and it hit the side of my car and rolled down the passenger side. I hope it was ok, because as far as I can tell it just ran back off into the woods.

I got the report done and all, but since it took 2 hours to get down there I figured I'd go hiking anyways, I wasn't about to waste the entire day because there were a bunch of dents in my car. Mechanically it felt fine. So about halfway into the hike, I was joking about how the bear probably is hunting us down in the woods, RIGHT as I say that a bear about 20 feet in front of us (3 of us) walks onto the path. Stares straight at us, we were frozen and had no idea what to do. Since it was a black bear we knew we weren't supposed to run. So we stared at it, it started to slowly walk towards us. We started walking backwards, I was getting ready to book it, sorry slowest person in the group. Then it just turned around and ran away.

I know it wasn't that exciting, maybe I shoulda said I punched the bear in the face that ruined my car. But I felt it was interesting enough.

Sorry I'm bored, it's late, raining... peace.


Yeah you are supposed to take the bear down, ground and pound, then rear naked choke.

I thought your story was cool.


"bear down"? no pun intended?


Nope, no pun. Im confused as to what the pun would have been.


You could have also ripped out a stop sign and hit the bear in the face.