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Hit a 315 Squat

Did a Mock Meet on saturday to feel out where my lifts are, Hit 315 in the squat, and I figured i’d put up a video here and see if anyone had any advice or critiques. Let me know guys, thanks.

When you take the weight from the stands give it a moment to settle on your back before you move back (one direction at a time: up and then back). Work on limiting your walk-out to two steps, one step w/each foot into your squat position. Complete the lock-out before you return to the rack (have a training partner give both the command to initiate the squat and the command to return to the rack). It really sucks to otherwise make a lift and have it disqualified for a procedural violation.

Super Legit. You get extra points for doing it with sharp tools on the wall.

BlueCollar, Thanks, that’s some great advice. I have yet to do my first real meet, and because of that i don’t normally think of the little details like that. But you’re absolutely right, it would suck pretty bad to have missed this lift in competition because i rushed the little stuff. I definitely need to keep that in mind more during training.

And HARA that made me laugh really hard. Nothing beats a garage gym haha. Thanks for the comment.

I used to do some lifting in my dad’s garage and im pretty sure i suffered some brain damage from all of the random chemical vapors and different kinds of airborn particles i sucked in while trying to suck in clean air.