Hit a 245kg Bench!

training the the irish gpc open, in the under 90kg junior class. worked up to 245kg in the overkill followed by 140kg plates plus 40kg band tension, for 3 sets of 5.
On a related note got invited to compete at the WPC/GPC worlds in the states in November, but I cannot afford to go without any form of sponsorship, anyone know of any companies or brands who may be interested?

update on todays session, hit a 340kg deadlift weighing in at 87 kg, fucking delighted. no vid but will go again next week will be sure to get one

how old and tall are you?

a 340 at 87 junior is incredible, what is the world record?

yes it is, I have it currently already, I am 22 and Im 5’10 man, thanks!