Hit a 190kg Squat about 2 Months Out

I bet you can tell that I was nervous before and excited after, huh?

As I said in the description of the video, I feel that I cut depth from what I normally hit (check some other recent videos I have posted), but I still think this would pass.

I would be pumped to even have a chance to go for 200 kg on a third attempt. I hope to be posting another 190 or a 195 video about a month out.

So, thoughts on this squat? Any suggestions or words of wisdom with two months to go? As of now, I am just going to keep on doing what I am doing.

close if not deep enough, hard to tell from this angle and depends on federation. good luck and remember, you won’t get any stronger with three weeks left, but you can make yourself weaker. so take it easy as you get within 2-3 weeks. and if you’re newe to competing pay attention to commands, practice them.

looked easily deep enough to me…maybe I’ve been going to too many loosely judged meets recently?

Nice work man.

You need to focus more on pushing your knees out when you come out of the hole. They were pushed out nicely on the descent and should stay that way during your ascent instead of immediately coming inwards.
Work on that and getting your back stronger and you will definitely sink 200kg at your meet.

good squat, race to 200kg :)? squat 190kg - YouTube