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Hit 500 lbs. on Deadlift


I feel like my balls weigh a couple ounces more each now. I figured I'd break my PR today since I got 475 last week for a double breaking old pr by one rep. I'm back up to 199 lbs and wanted to get 500 before I hit 200 lbs, so I just went for it. I figured screw it, I'll get 500. Locked that sucker out, growled a victorious "FUCK YEAH" and dropped the weight on the floor sending out a shockwave through the gym that vaporized any curlbro in a 2 mile radius. Felt fucking awesome.

Question: How much does using a belt add on to one's deadlift % wise? Thinking of purchasing one and was wondering how much extra I could expect to add on once I learn how to use it properly.


Congrats on the PR. If you dont use a belt now and pulled 5, dont worry about using one.


Did you not lock it out the same as this one?


It was all ass... which isn't surprising since ass is your best asset.


haha that was at the end of a session when I was screwing around with sumos I think. 500 was locked out.

And yes to the other poster it was mostly ass


Good job Accipiter, you foiled my shitting on your accomplishment.

Way to go on the 500 #er too.


Gratz on the PR =)


I hope you didn't have that same god awul grip on you 500 pull


awesome, now you just need to squat more than a girl...




Congrats !


Congrats !


you mean sumo? or is there something else odd with my grip?


No way! I just got 500 on my deadlift too!



Nice! Hope to get there this year.


at 200 its a solid lift!


You fucking better brah. I'm in the mood for mirin some Swedish Viking Pullz.

OP, great job man. Funny, you pulled it sumo with no belt as well. Copycat! haha


The 500 wasn't sumo, that vid posted was 405, over the summer. I think I'm about 190 in that vid. The 500 pull was standard, but no belt!


Don't you know that doing 'close grip deads' works the inner part of the glutes?

Get with it, bro.


Ah okay. Props either way!