Hit 2-Month Weight Loss Plateau

Hi folks!

I’ve been lurking and reading the articles on this amazing site! Thanks to everyone for all the contributions!

Anyhow, I’ve been stuck on a frickin weight-loss plateau for almost 2 frickin months now! And I’m so frustrated!

I was 41", and 239 last August. And now I’ve reached 36" and 193lbs…and I’ve been stuck at 36" for almost 2 months.

I life 3x week and do HIIT cardio 2-3x week. My daily caloric intake used to be 1500 cals for the first month of my weight loss, and now I’ve been slowly increasing it and leveled off at 2000 cal/day.

I do the usual 5-6 small meals a day. Tons of veg, eggs for breaky, whey and banana PWO, creatine. Low cal toast only in the mornings (trying to keep my diet somewhat low-carb). Chicken, salmon, some steak, tuna etc for dinner with tons of brocoli and asparagus. No eating after 8pm. Perhaps one cheat meal/week.

I’ve taken a week of (2 weeks ago) and hit the gym with a brand new lifting routine and increased my cardio to 30min each cardio session.

And nothing moves!! I’m still at 36" waist…WTF :frowning:

I sleep 6-7 hours/night and feel pretty good in the mornings (I always wake up naturally. Haven’t used an alarm clock for 2 years).

Any help with how I can break through this thing? Please?..getting desparate!

thanks folks!

Slowly up your cals to around 2700 (or however high you can go without gaining weight), hold there for a few weeks, and then begin reducing them again. If you spend 3-4 weeks eating at maintainance, you’ll be able to get your metabolism back up. Since is sounds like you can’t really add much more to your workouts, or cut your intake much more, your only choice is to get your metabolism back up.

You could also add 4 weeks of HOT-ROX if you really don’t want to up your intake anymore, and then up your intake. Either way, you’re about due for some time at maintainance intake.

Thanks Ninjaboy!

That sounds like an easy simple plan. I’ve been reading about HOT-ROX quite a bit here, and think I’ll give them a try too!

I agree with Ninjaboy. Slowly increasing kcals to maintenance, spending some time there, and then dropping them again and making a fresh start is a good (if long) way to continue cutting.

Don’t do that and take HOT-ROX at the same time, though.

Fish oil. If you’re not taking fish-oil, it works great as a plateau-buster for fat loss. This works best in conjunction with HOT-ROX, although to be honest, I am leery of advising HOT-ROX on the beginner’s forum because I feel beginners grow dependant on it and then get stuck up a creek when their gains (losses?) stop coming.

Yeah…I’ll stay away from the HOT-ROX for now. They’re not even avail in Canada anyway.

Upping my cals slolwy by about 100-200 cal/day every week.

I’m in no rush, it’s been this long already! :wink:

Already taking 3000mg of fish oil/day.

Just added about 1" to my waist now…


Is that normal? Am I undoing all the hard ass work I’ve done for the last 5 months? Am I panicking like a ‘lee-tle guhrl’?


if you added an inch to your waist by upping your kcals by 200 in four days… Somethings wrong.

But more likely, you
a) didn’t suck it in like you did last time
b) just ate/ate previously
c) did something to throw off the measurement.

Stick to the plan, up your kcals slowly, and then get back to cutting.

Don’t panic.



Thanks Otep!!

Prolly didn’t suck in enough…


you will gain a little bit when your adding kcals,this is normal.

its because your body got used to eating the lower amount and it saw that as your maintance baseline.

the idea is to add more and then hold it at that point long enough to have your body adapt to that new “baseline” so then you can lower again and start over.

other wise you will have to eat less and less and less then pretty soon you can eat 500 kcals and still not loose an ounce.

yes you will gain lets say 2 inches but at the end when you start loosing again you will drop that 2 inches plus more because its only the start this time.

and yes you are all thrown up in a tiff like a little sissy la-la :wink:

Not sure what Nichaarons experience is, but I’ve added calories back after a couple of cuts, and as long as I was sensible, eating clean foods and following my plan (which was actually much faster than yours- added back 500kcal/week) I kept all my gains (losses?).

It helps if the calories you add back are fat, so you have no truck with insulin.

Good point.

I’m planning to keep it all clean and just eat more of what I’m eating now.

ie: whole eggs, low cal toast, chicken breasts, oatmeal, natural PB, my protein shakes, Go Lean, etc…

my experiances are indeed a little different.

but when I go back up in kcals I tend to gain a smal amount back in fat
nothing real big maybe an inch at the waist at the most and when I cut again it comes right back off and then some.
I se ealot of people doing 500 kcals one way or the other
I tend to go a bit more
my cutting weeks are in a 1000-1500 calorie a day deficit.
which BTW I do not advise its just how it hapens with me.

if you stay clean and stay around 500 kcals one way or another you should be fine thats a proven method

I’m impatient with plateaus and tend to change something. Usually adding calories or a big old massive refeed day works for me.

But I noticed that the Physique Clinic participants had some long plateaus, and CT seemed in no rush to change things. Then they would eventually drop a bunch of weight fast. I’ve tried this recently (no changes), and sure enough after a couple weeks of plateau, I suddenly lost 3 pounds in one week.

Otep, on an Alpha thread I think you posted your plan to keep fat loss moving along linearly. How is that working?

one more question folks…

I’m at about 2400cal per day now…what’s the most accurate way to calculate my daily maintenance calories?


[quote]rdolmat wrote:
I’m at about 2400cal per day now…what’s the most accurate way to calculate my daily maintenance calories?

By measuring how quickly you drop fat when you drop calories.

As in,
if you lose 2lbs/week after dropping kcals to 2000, your maintenance is 3000.
(for quick math, a 500kcal deficit correlates to 1 lb of fat lost after 7 days).

It really is a guess-and-check method.

I’d shoot for the 2400-2700 range, hang out there for a month, and then drop the kcals suddenly.

Thanks Otep!

great advice, as always!

Alright…I gained 5 lbs and 2 inches…

this is never ending…I kept my cals at a pretty good range (2400-ish).

Should I just completely drop to 1800-ish now? Like…tomorrow morning?

Are you measuring and weighing yourself at the same time of the day every time? The best is to measure and weigh first thing in the morning when you get up.

yup…every morn before breakfast, at the same time. :frowning:

Hmmmm…well weight loss is mainly based around your diet. But you shouldn’t always use the scale as the end-all, be-all judge. The mirror is a good indicator too. I don’t like the idea of going on a higher calorie count for 4 weeks, a lot can happen in 4 weeks. I would try carb-cycling and playing around with your cheat days to break the plateau.

Adaptation is another key to breaking plateaus, in diet and exercise. Your body will adapt to clean eating all the time, that’s when a chinese buffet or a large pizza comes in to help. I would try to eat clean 90% of the time. So say you eat 4-6 meals a day, that’s 28-42 meals a week, you can cheat 3-4 times a week. Now a buffet or a large pizza will count as your only cheat of the week. If you’ve been on the same exercise plan for awhile (longer than 6 weeks) try switching it up and remember to make progress week-to-week.