HIT 2 Days a Week Only?

I am a college student, a very busy one for graduation, my gym memebership have just expired , so I signed up for a weight training class at my university which meets at a suitable time, the bad thing is that it meets only 2 times a week , so I am looking to change my workout from 5-4 days a week into 2 days only , how can I do it , I think HIT will be most suitable, another ideas are 2 days HST or full bodyworkout but that won’t work, or spliting the body parts into 2 days, I think HIT will be more suitable, please advice and give a workout program, your input is appreciated. and by the way I’m 5’8" 185 lbs with 11% BF

i’ve read an article in this website, called"Big Muscles, Busy Schedules -
How to Build by only Training Two Days a Week" written by Ian King
the link is here:


i think that fits your situation perfectly.

if that’s not good enough, there is another 2-part article here,
“School Days”


“School Days Part2”


hope that help ^^

Bigmuscle, 2 workouts/week may work well for you. Splitting upper/lower body:
day1: Squat,Deadlift or Squat/RDL
3 or 4 days later:
day2: Upper body
Another possibility:
day1: Squat,bench press,Deadlift or Squat,bench press,RDL
day2: vertical pulling,vertical pushing,horizontal pulling
Other routines are based on:
day1: Squat
day2: Deadlift
The majority of T-Nation programs are 3 or 4 days/week. Therefore I suggest you to read other authors such as Strossen,Kubik, Mc Roberts.

thanks for the info guys, how about hit ?

I’ve try HIT, high-volume,Ian King’s style, Tsunami Training…etc.

I found out that if your tendons is not extremely strong, you can’t do HIT for a long time, you will need some time to let your tendons recover. may be you can focus on building tendons strength before you try HIT. but at your situation. i’ll recommend you try the “training 2 days per week” program from the link in my last reply.

What college do you go to that has no gym or weight training facilitites outside of the class you are taking? The gym you are using for your weight training class isn’t available at any other time?

No , there is a frog’s gym which is the thing i am using during only the class allowed to, other than that you pay nearly 50 bucks a month for frog’s , I go to callifornia state university at long beach , they are great but the gym thing sucks, cant workout well , and most other people told me that the gym was for free at their college !

At Carson and Clark there is Long Beach City College. During the week they have weight training classes, but they never check attendance. I personally go to the MWF 10-11AM class, it’s basically an open gym. I like it except for the fact they don’t have a squat rack. =\ It’s right down the street from CSULB.