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History of the Swiss Bar?

Hi, I’m Rubén Castro, Powerlifter. I have been trying to find information on different specialty bars and I would like to know if someone could helpme them with the “Swiss Bar”. It is from the only bar that I could not find who invented it or the reason for its name

Thank you!

The handles on it are neutral, as are The Swiss.


And is it known who invented it for the first time?


It’s the Swiss army knife of bars.

Could you tell me the source from where you got that information? to be able to see or read it? thanks!

Pretty sure they are messing with you. I actually have no idea who invented it, but I do have swiss bar bench today with chains for my pressing movement.

BTW, looked you up on open powerlifting. Solid Bench! Looks to be over 2.5X bodyweight.

I’m not. I don’t know the answer to who invented the bar, so I didn’t post it.

But, I am thinking you made up that it was named the swiss bar due to the neutral handles and the swiss being neutral. I read that as a joke, but perhaps not?

I wasn’t joking, no. My understanding is that the neutrality of the handles is what inspires the name.

Forgive me for reading it as a joke then.

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I don’t find that egregious enough to require an apology, haha.

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Thanks! although my best movement is the squat, 290 kg and deadlift 312.5 kg. The bench press is my worst movement 175

Yes, I don’t think it’s a joke, a friend from Swiss also told me that neutral grips are due to political neutrality, and also that it is known as the “Swiss Army Knife” for its multiple grips and possible exercises. But I wanted to ask around here to see if someone else knew something or that theory was correct!

Looking again, it appears that there are two Ruben Castro’s. The other one benches 200 kg at a body weight of 78 kg.

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