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History of The Electric Guitar, Help

If any of you college students out there have ever written a paper on the history of the electric guitar please pm me and give me some advice on good references. this topic is turning out harder than I thought. By the way I’m not in music history at all. this is just a damn core requirement for me. I need some serious help with resources. Hope someone has an interest in this topic. Thanks

Google the following names

Les Paul
Leo Fender

That’ll give ya plenty

“The Log” and Lester Polfus [spelling?]… Les Pauls real name… that was the prototype for the Les Paul if I remember right.

Rickenbacker, 1928. The first solid-body was by Rickenbacker in 1935, followed by Les Paul.

Les electrified the first guitar, right? His famous Log.

I can’t remember all my guitar history, but if he looks up those names, should easily get enough for a paper. Gotta include Leo Fender in the mix though. I do love my Strat, even if it is just a Squire, and not a true Fender.