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History of Steroids in Bodybuilding


I thought this was a pretty interesting video. I’ve heard many people over the years argue about when drugs first entered the sport.



Great video Stu. I always find it funny how after testosterone was synthesised, the physiques started to get larger and more muscular, yet no prominent bodybuilder admitted to using steroids(or if they did, they tried it for a short while then stopped like Grimek) .
Before steroid pharmaceuticals were actually approved for human use, I bet the military of all countries were experimenting with steroids during WW2. Hitler was taking testosterone injections, the Germans were reputedly experimenting with steroids for increased aggression.

Steve Reeves was in the military(think Capt America). Reg Park was a physical fitness instructor, in the British military. I bet they were given access to state of the art drugs at the time.
Plus we all know Roger Ramjet and Mighty Mouse were taking PEDs way back.


Do they still do random ped tests? As in the 0 they do are selected at random.


That was rather good. Perhaps he could have gone into the sports side a bit more, but anyway. IIRC there is some debate as to whether the various monkey gland guys were actually getting testosterone into their patients in a form that would make it into the blood stream and bioavailable.

Interestingly, the mid-30s coach of Wolverhampton Wanderers FC was in the habit of openly saying he was giving the players a secret performance enhancing extract of monkey testicles, but most people think he was trying to psych the opposition out.

That said he was there right across the period when testosterone as a drug became available.