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History of Anxiety and Panic Attacks. Start First Cycle?

Hello everybody,
let me introduce myself. I am 30 years old training seriously from 8 eyers, from a lot of time i am thinking about getting some gear. I started geting
panick attackes and anaxiety at 20 years old it was a nightmare.I started taking Paxil after 7 years i cut the dose of the Paxil and the Panic atacks and anaxiety were back.Now im 30 same dose of Paxil i feel ok i really want to take gear but I am really afraid that it will mess with my brain, afterall I am really impulsive person I have hundred of fights and confruntations. I was 230 pounds 6,feet 1 and I started cutting i expected that on 200 pounds i will be 12 15 percent body fat, but its not like that. So i deffinetley will need some drugs help. I don’r really know what to do .
P.S. Sorry of my english.
Thanks !

Take this with a grain of salt, but I have a buddy that I have been working out with for a while and he was having anxiety issues and panic attacks. Well he fixed his diet (which helped his anxiety some) and about a year after getting put on anxiety meds he got his test levels tested and found he was pretty low for a 28 year old male that had zero history of AAS abuse (350 TT; range from 270-920). He jumped on TRT and all of his anxiety issues are gone (even better than just the anxiety meds alone) and now he is actually running a full on cycle and he said he feels the best he ever has. Only problem now is he’s trying to come off of the anxiety meds but he is getting TERRIBLE withdrawals.

This is not my way of saying to jump on cycle, but it is definitely something to consider, that it may make your mental health better, not worse.

For the record, when I was younger (late teens/early 20’s) I got into more than my share of fights, but the gear in no way makes me more angry nor does it cause psychological issues for me at 32 years old

With this alone in mind, anabolic steroids probably aren’t an avenue you’d wish to pursue

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