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History & a Little Critique Needed

Hey all.  I have been lurking here for quite some time and i have found the articles and discussions that result from them invaluable. Over the last few months my interest in training and nutrition has grown dramatically and i hope to become  a part of the forum and get some direct help and, hopefully in time, help others.  So thanks for this site!

I am 25 years old, i have “worked out” infrequently since i was 17 and now i want to start “training”. I am a mountain biker and between general lack of fitness, unhealthy living habits and injury i am really starting to feel “weak”, tight, and out of balance (muscular wise).

So, through research on this site and others i designed a routine to BEGIN my training life and was wondering what some of you think.
My main focus is on developing core strength,control, and stability through a unilateral period with 12-15 reps/2-3 times per week for 4-6 weeks. Then moving to a bilateral period with the same exercises/same rep scheme/same weeks to get accustomed to basic compund lifts. Finally, i would like to switch to a 5x5 program of said lifts for strength/maybe mass gains IF i am conditioned/flexible enough to do so.

Throughout the program i will also be working on stretching (i am NOT limber and need to work on thsat before doing traditional deads/squats),soft tissue wrok and “prehab” stuff for my forward head/rounded shoulder thing i have going on (got lots of info from Cressey and Robertsons sites). I am trying to keep it simple and essentially make all exercises core exercises (incredibly important to my sport and life in general).

I did not include specific exercises because they are all variations of the same them: deads,squat,push ups, rows etc…just different versions for different stages of my development. Thanks again and let me know what you all think.

I’m going to direct you to the “Beginner” thread tacked to the top of this particular forum. More specifically this,

Bustin’ Ass 101

Not what you think, or atleast not what I first thought. But it is an awesome article. Just seems to me that for wanting to “start again” you’re not simplified.

Or, it could be just my ignorance and desire not to really understand what you posted about your workout. Bilateral wha…?

“Shut up and Squat!”

Welcome to the boards, btw.

Thanks for the reply and eventually yes, i “will shut up and squat”. But fiorst io want to take care of any imbalances i have to, hopefully, prevent and bigger issues in the future. Thabnks for the link, awesome article.