HispanicSamurai's TTS Log

Never kept a log before and not really a fan of them, but work and home have been getting more and more chaotic and I would like to keep a log so I can see how consistent I’m being and try not to let my life get in the way of my training. So I’ll try and keep this log updated everyday…


Drank large glass of milk, mixed with a cup of egg whites and a banana.

Large bowl of whole oats, 1 scoop Grow! Whey, 1 cup of coffee

10:30 FINiBAR, 2 scoops Metabolic Drive mixed with water.

11:30- 12:30 Train

1:00pm Tuna on whole grain wheat, spinach, tomatoes, avocado Apple juice

3:30pm Beef Jerkey and Surge Recovery

6:00pm Chicken Breast, spinach, grapes, sunflower seeds Milk and raw egg whites.

9:00pm 2 scoops of grow and a greek yogurt.

I. Squat: set of 8, set of 6, set of 5, set of 4, set of 3
II. Leg Curls: 4 sets. Reps start at 8 and work way down to 4
III. Calves: Calf raises 5 sets. Reps start at 10 and go down to 4
IV. Chest and back: Bench/ Barbell Rows 3 sets of 15
V. Shoulders and abs: Cable raises/ Leg lifts… 4 sets of 15

Per the titan training system I should have done 3 sets of 15 with bi’s and tri’s superset after shoulder and abs. But I ate and drank to close to my workout and was feeling pretty naucious throught the workout then during exercise group V. I began regerjutating my preworkout meal and decided to stop there. My arms are the quickest to respond to stimulation so i don’t mind skipping out on bi’s and tri’s for my first workout on this system.

The supersetting and short rest periods during TTS was pretty brutal, had me feeling like I was doing cardio, but it was a nice change. Really requires a lot of focus.

I’m pretty pissed this morning. I forgot my gymbag so I wont be able to lift today. Debating on going to the store at lunch and buying gym shorts, but I wouldn’t have time to go to the store and the gym. Wednesday is supposed to be an offday, so I’ll use today as an offday but workout wednesday (tomorrow).

As far as nutrition, i’m going to eat a bit lighter today since I wont be lifting.

5:30 am- large glass of milk, egg whites, whey powder.

7:30- Oameal, whey, coffee

9:30- Beef Jerkey, protein bar

11:30- Chicken, veggies, protein shake

1:30- Tuna, beef Jerkey, almonds

have to go to the market Not sure what I’ll eat after 1:30. Depends on what’s on sale and what looks good at the grocery store.

Doms is kicking my ass today. My glutes and hammies are on fire, wich I thought was interesting because my leg workouts are more intense then the workout I did Monday, but for whatever reason just by switching up my normal routine my legs are on fire.

Today is a really busy day at work, so my nutrition suffered.

5Am: Milk, Eggs, Whey

8:30am: BLT sandwich on wheat, apple juice

10:30: 2 scoops Metabolic Drive, protein bar

11:30-12:30 Train

1:00- Fried Chicken and post w/o shake.

3:00- Greek Yogurt, almonds, beef Jerkey

6:00- Tuna, veggies,

9:00- Whey, milk, egg whites


Workout #2 for the Titan Training system is a base training for upper body and volume for lower, basically the reverse of Mondays routine.

I. Chest: Flat Dumbell Press. 8,6,5,4,3
II. UpperBack: Pullups with 20lb dumbell: 10,8,6,5,4
II. Shoulders: Flies: 10,8,6,5,4

Leg press compounded with Calf Raises. 15,15,15,15

The leg workout was brutal because of the DOMS from Monday’s workout, hence the reason I chose legpress instead of squat.

Once again an extremely busy day at work. Missed meal 2 because of it… I’ll make it up by having a larger dinner tonight. I took ZMA last night for the first time, and I must say I am impressed. Granted I was late to work because I overslepts, but I really did feel like I got a better nights rest despite only sleeping 6 hrs. I hope as I continue to take ZMA the effects become more and more pronounced.

5:00am- Milk, Whey, Egg Whites

7:30am- Meal missed

10:30- 1 scoop MD, 1 scoop SR, handfull of beef jerkey

11:00-12:00 Train

12:30- Fried Chicken and PWO drink

2:30- Greek Yogurt, Salami, Cheese

4:30- Protein bar almonds, Jerkey

6:30- Subway Tuna sandwich w/ all veggies and spinach.

9:00- Milk, egg whites, Protein

So today my training consisted of muscle rounds.

4 rounds for chest
4 for calves
4 for quads
4 for hammies.

A muscle round is where you take a weight that you can normally lift 10 times, and only lift it 4 times then take a 10 sec rest, then lift 4 more times then a 10 sec rest. This repeats itself until you’ve done it 6 times or 24 reps, then you take a minute break and continue. This equals 1 round. So at the end of 4 rounds you’ve completed about 96 reps…

I don’t know who designed this program but they had some serious muscular indurance in their legs. After mondays workout I was sore, Wednesdays leg workout had my legs tired but the soreness started to fade. Today by the end of my workout, halfways thru my hamstring rounds my leg started to cramp like nothing I’ve felt before. I dropped the weight and started stretching my leg til the pain went away. But as soon as I stopped stretching it cramped up again just as strong the first time. This kept happening everytime I stopped stretching. I was literally standing there unable to walk or move for 15 minutes. I started getting really worried when the cramping wouldn’t stop and I was standing there in pain for what felt like an eternity.

Needless to say the leg that cramped is EXTREMELY sore now. I’m going to stretch it alot these next few days. No more leg movements in this program for 3 days, thank goodness.