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Hiring Basketball Coach in Spain


My company is looking to hire somebody (x 4) to work in Spain for the month of July teaching kids basketball. Figure it would suit somebody who either plays college ball, and/or coaches. Would really suit somebody starting out.

It’s in a few locations in Spain and would be a great way to get a vacation in. If anybody’s interested, PM me.


I’m seeing views but no PMs so I’ll bump it in case it’s buried.

Summer work in Spain?

I’m in Barcelona for a year and played bball (rec and comp leagues) growing up. If you need someone with actual credentials I could get you in touch with a couple of local college and rec league coaches.

Send them on in a PM and I’ll check them out. Much obliged!

how much basketball experience do we need to have?

At least have played on a team, preferably college and be able to coach kids. Basketball is pretty popular here and these kids are signing up to get better.