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Hiring a Trainer


Hey gang,

Me and three other guys from our BJJ school have been working on our S&C on our own for some time now and although we have had some results, we are not sure that we are progressing as fast or specific to the sport as we would like.

We have been talking about hiring a personal trainer in the last month or so, but trainers with the right know how is far between around here.

We have had some success in getting in touch with a couple of well respected trainers with experience in grappling sports but they are unfortunately both located in the other part of the country.

So since we are not able to find any trainers with the proper know how or experience we are faced with only one solution, long distance training.

Now since this is the way it's going to be we might as well go abroad in our search and try to find someone with a shit load of experience and the right know how.

This is were you guys come in, I need your help in locating a good trainer with the right credentials who could help us out.

In short : If one should hire a S&C coach who would that person be ?