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Hired a Coach, He's Suggesting Tren on First Cycle?


So, I reached out to this coach who happens to be very famous where I live, he is coaching the current mens physique champion and as of today I thought he had plenty of knowledge in this sport.

My concern is the pharma that he listed to be used for a first time AAS user ( I specified twice that this would have been my first time using AAS), and he sent me this:

1cm Test-e and 1 cm of tren together on Monday and Thursday.
2 Proviron every 12hours.
4 IU of HGH before sleeping
1 tab of legalon with empty stomach
1600 IU of vitamin D3 before sleeping

This is what he stated, no PCT because apparently since this is paid every month I’m assuming he was going to add that on the 3rd month but after reviewing this, just doesn’t seems to be right or at least not for a first timer.

I was, based on what I have read here expecting a test-e 12w cycle 500mg a week or something like that, you know, the basic stuff… Idk if this coaches now a days want to make you look good based in a shit load of drugs that way their reputation doesn’t gets affected but men I was shocked after reading his program and I’m definitely not doing that shit, unless one of you experienced guys say that I’m wrong and this program is fine which I doubt will happen.

Idk know If I can post pictures here, if so I would like to share with you guys the content.

The funny thing here is that everybody keeps talking about this guy and how good he is and know I’m like damn this people don’t read at all or what? They trust a “coach” their health and don’t even bother on doing some research? For god sake.

But well, what do you guys think?

Is sad for me to see so much bullshit floating around on this industry, but I’m glad I found this forum with experienced people where I have been able to learn and share a little knowledge.

Peace fellas!



Depending on the tren dose that could be high or low if your coming into a show I would start with 100mg, I would expect it’s supposed to be tren e and usually that’s dosed at 200mg per cc. Let us know what kind of diet and actual dosages are there a cc isn’t enough info.


Thanks for the reply man.

I’m planning to compete in February 2018.
Currently weighting 185lbs with 11% bf at 6ft tall. 23yo.

Looking into the options for the tren that I can get they are 75mg/ml.

Do you think tren is a good option on the first cycle in a low dosage?

I was little worried about tren because the suppressible sides that has.

My current plan for 1st cycle is:

12w test-e 500mg a week
Adex eod .25mg w1-12
pct w14-17 Nolva 40/40/20
Thinking on add some HCG on the mix, but not sure of how is the efficient way to do it.


To be honest you should run the test cycle, soon, that way you can determine if you don’t mind pinning or not. Then either have a good pct or cruise into your other cycle. What ester are the drugs, enanthate Ace prop, cyp cup this does make a difference


Yah for sure.

I was thinking enanthate since I don’t want to be pinning that often, I like the fact that propinate clears out of your system way faster, but fuck the fact that you have to pin ED or EOD idk if my glutes are down for the job lol.

Do you know how should I use HCG during the Test-e cycle?
I would like to have kids sometime later lol

I like the idea of doing the right PCT and maybe 18 months later go for my second cycle with 2 or maybe 3 compounds.

Thanks for your contribution man!


I used tren for my first cycle. I’d be more concerned that your coach thinks milk thistle will protect against cholestasis and the fact he thinks proviron isn’t a worthless AAS.


So basically you are looking at 500mg of Test and 400mg of tren a week. That’s what I ran for my first cycle. I had/have a very knowledgeable coach. I decided between shows that I couldn’t win at the national level if I stayed natural. I was kinda in a time crunch between shows so we decided on tren. Normally he wouldn’t have given that cycle but we thought I could handle it. I definitely would not do it that way again if I had it all to do over again. I woulda just done test for a first cycle. The sides were pretty rough and I felt like shit… That was some time ago and I have had cycles since for bulking, cutting, and competition. Now, I don’t really feel any sides from tren, even at a pretty decent dosage. Tren is amazing if you can handle the sides and your diet is on point.

Don’t be surprised if you get changed to shorter esther gear closer to the show… So you might be pinning 3-4 times a week.

You have plenty of time until you have to prep for a Feb show. I’d run the Test alone to start off and to see how your body reacts. If you are doing a 16 week prep, You won’t have to start prep until around October.


test-only cycles are what people recommend to those who aren’t being coached. I agree with others here, the doses aren’t extreme, and you’re working with a pro, from what you said. It’s not what I’d recommend, particularly since you’re a full year out from competing, because I think tren in a first cycle can put a bad taste in an athlete’s mouth about steroids in general if they don’t respond well. I personally don’t like tren, and am mostly avoiding it. Like moose said, it can be a rough experience, particularly for a first-timer. If I was going to run something alongside tren for my first cycle, it would more likely be something like EQ, masteron, or even deca. Deca can come with a host of problems, but at least it makes your joints feel good.

side note: i feel like I don’t even need to respond to threads where moose chimes in. We’re on the same page about 99% of the time. always coming in with sound advice.


Ha I feel the same way with @flipcollar and a few others on here. We usually have the same ideas and can add little things to feed off of each other. We might not always tell someone what they wanna hear, but at least is usually solid advice from experience or a well researched opinion.


@flipcollar @moosejuice0311
I know you guys are fucking real and honest I see threats where people gets pissed off because you guys tell them the real fucking truth and they just can’t handle it, that’s when I say this kid/guy isn’t ready for this.

I’m planning to compete in a musclecontest show over the San Diego area, I know there’s a lot of solid guys in that area so I figured would be a great chance to measure myself with some competitive fellows plus I would love to have that sword mounted on the wall lol.

I think I’ll just stick with the basic 12 week Test-e cycle.
Little Breakdown:
week 1-12 Test-e 500mg a week ( 250mg Monday- 250 Thursday)
week 1-12 Adex. 0.25mg EOD
week 14-17 Nolva 40/40/20 (will extend Nolva after bloodwork if my levels are too low or haven’t bounced back to normal)

Still thinking on adding HCG to the mix, I remeber @flipcollar you stated once that you don’t use it because you have kids already and not planning in having more, but Idk if @moosejuice0311 would put some input in that field, have you used before? If so how would you add it to the cycle stated above?