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Hips Way Down During Deadlift

So I was deadlifting today and had someone tell me my hips should be way down. I remember also when I took my cert for PT the trainer there also suggested this method of almost squatting down which I laughed at at the time. I’ve learned my deadlift form from mark rippetoe, layne norton, and various other resources of not having your hips really low. I then took a video of my form which ill upload soon so I am just seeing what peoples opinion on this is.

The picture is what I mean when I say low hips.

That is almost and olympic style deadlift, they deadlift like that so they can accelerate the bar throughout the pull. Most powerlifters lift their hips higher and I find I am stonger like that.

Obviously the different starting positions emphasise different muscles, also I think your body structure will deterimine which style you prefer. Guys with shorter legs and longer torso seem to like deadlifting with the hips lower.
Just my observations anyway

Olympic ehhhh? I’ll check that out.

This is for my form check…

It’s not an ‘olympic deadlift’ though, it is just where the pull starts.

Snatch grip deadlifts, however, do start with low hips

It will depend on your body structure first and foremost, and leg/torso/arm ratio’s. The key is to find the most mechanically advantageous position for your body type.

The gif you posted looks like something out of Men’s health, which I would not trust for form purposes. The guy is pulling in cross trainers for chrissake.

Personally, I think his angle of knee flexion is too great, and I go for a more obtuse angle.

This is myself deadlifting. Looking for a form check please.

the best way to determine where you start in a conventional deadlift is to setup with your feet about shoulder width and the shins a few inches away from the bar. take a deep breath into your belly, hold it bend at the waist with legs straight and set your hands. now here’s where most people screw up- with your abs full of air and tight, flex the lats and PULL yourself down to the bar until your shins are touching the bar. most people just drop to the bar passively. when you do that there’s really no way to tell how low your hips should be. if you first start with everything really tight and pull yourself down into position, your hips will be at the perfect position for you.

Form is fine

depends on how you want to deadlift, lol. Olympic lifters tend to deadlift with a very low hip position, so much so that their back angle is like 45 degrees. This is for technique purposes and shifts some of the weight to the quads.

go to 0:55 and you’ll know what I mean. It’s a clean but they deadlift the same way.