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Hips Uneven

I figured this would be a good place to post this, if it is not mods feel free to move it.

So i see a chiropractor on a regular basis and they have told me that my hips are off kilter. I think it is my left one is higher than my right if you were looking at me in a plank position. They have me doing only 1 basic stretch for this and it hasnt improved at all.

A couple questions, do you think this in any way is holding my back in my trainging, because it was noticed years ago but they never really attacked it for me? also, does anyone have any exercises stretches that could help this problem? Thanks all.



A messed up leg can lead to a messed up back, sure, but it depends on the extent of the issue. I have some scoliosis, and Lamar Gant, a great powerlifter from the 80s, had an amazing deadlift and an amazing physique, and freaky scoliosis.

If it isn’t causing you problems, don’t assume it is a problem. Keep an eye on your form and work on balance.

thanks push. yeah ive really been working on form especially with my squats, ive been going light weight and focusing on going down evenly. i do have pretty bad back problems as well, i fractured it a could years ago at L4 and L5, and my muscles are completely distorted. any tips on exercises for them?

Focus on strengthening your entire posterior chain.