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Hips Swing to the Right on Squats


ok so as the title says, when im doing a squat over 90% of my 1 rep max my hips swing over to the right and it really effects the amount of force i can create when pushing up.
i am assuming this means the right side is tighter or possibly the left is just weaker?
anyone ever suffered from this? any advice?help?
thanks guys.


Can you squat with good form with a lighter weight? I'm assuming you can.

I would say the weight is too heavy if your form is simply deteriorating past a certain weight. In the past, when a squat was too hard for me, I would sometimes find myself twisting my hips, in a fashion that I think was probably similar to what you described. I never had any serious injuries or anything, but...I wouldn't recommend doing it. Don't use a weight that you can't lift with good form.


cheers mate. never really considered that would be the case. but makes perfect sense when you think about it lol. really want my squat stats to go up, its so low. thanks for the help.