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Hips Rotate w/Deadlift, Frustrated!


Every time I deadlift my hips become rotated. I went to a sports therapist about this and she gave me some stretches to do and re-aligns my hips when I see her.

I'd rather not have to constantly go see her and would appreciate some advice so that this doesn't happen in the first place.

Anyone else dealt with something like this? Any input is appreciated.


What do you mean your hips "become" rotated? Do they externally or internally rotate? A rotation is a dynamic movement, not a static state of being... unless your hips are revolving.


UGH! Never mind. Did a search for rotated hips. I guess it's the same as having your hips come out of alignment. No experience with that, I'm sorry that happens to you.


Do you use mixed grip or double over-hand?

You may find switching to double overhand allows you to align yourself evenly on both sides with the bar and avoid the chronic rotation.


This is a thread that requires video, OP.


A year or so ago I developed pain in one knee. Working to diagnos, I notice my hips would twist while doing deads, but not squats. I went in to my chiro - one leg was 3/4" off of the other due to hip misalignment. Two adjustments I was good to go. No issues since.


How to your hips "rotate" when you deadlift?!??!