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Hips Problems


Hello everybody, first of all, I will make excuses for my english, sorry I'm french !
It's my first post and it is one of my two main reasons for registering as a menber (the other is because I spent the last two years reading T Nation articles).

So let's begin, I'm a Jujitsu and Judo fighter and I spent my last three years in a very hard training program (to summarize during a week, I do 3-5 times martial art training, 2-3 strenght training routine (especially upper body and core training) and 1-3 conditionning session (HIT biking, sledgehammering or running) and the last year, I begin to lose flexibility (mainly adductors flexibility) so I try to improve it by static stretches but I have no gain.

the last September, I begin to have pain in front of my hips (especially my right hip) so I stopped static stretches and I begin internet research (thanks T Nation for some helping articles!), so I have done a lot of foam rolling and other things (but no one has done something very efficient).

So I carry on searching and maybe I found what is wrong (I found it on T Nation forum), you called that an anterior pelvic tilt or an anterior femoral glide syndrome ... so I begin to think about working my glutes by doing lunges but my during my second session something "moved" on my right hip and my pain is now different but still here. What I can do to resolve my problems ? Please help me !


i get anterior femoral glide problems sometimes with the femur jamming into the front of the pelvis. it has recently been suggested to me that it might be due to weak glute medius and weak adductors.

i got some resistence bands so i'm going to try x band walks for my glute medius and figure out some lateral leg raises or something like that for my adductors.

if you are having sharp stabby pains then you need to wait for things to heal a bit.

how is your hip mobility?
how do you go with hip drive on your squats?


First, thanks for awnsering ! I think the same thing than you, I may have so weak glute (that's why I was trying lunges !). I haven't thinking about some band resistance training but it seems a great idea (thanks for the advide).
For the other questions :
- my hip mobility seems ok
- I haven't done a lot of squats since I began to have pain but it seems also ok.

In fact during workout (strenght, jujitsu, biking ...) I don't feel pain, most of the time pain appears during the night and forced me to wake up !


I feel like shit, I don't know how to fix the problem, I try dumbell swings (maybe it's a good idea to activate hamstrings) and an other stuff find on you tube :

Someone has en idea ?