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Hips/Lower Abs Help


ok...so im 6'5'' tall about 255 pounds i got a pretty solid build about a year away from competing but i just have a hard time shedding the small amount of fat around my hips and lower abs...ive been doing lower ab excersises and its been helping a bit...any diet advice or work outs to help get this gone?


Ask this question again at 310+ pounds- Then you will MAYBE be a year from competing and actually having a shot to do well. At this stage you will get blown away. Do your own reading...


You're a complete idiot grinder. That's some very good advice you gave. Two thumbs up for you.

Jglo7, post your diet up along with training routine. What is your cardio like?

Other than that train hard, cut-out whatever is not beneficial in your diet. Get enough rest between workouts. Ramp up your HIIT.


What about Cortisol? Could reducing this help get you more detailed in those areas? For myself those are very hard spots to get rid of but with a couple nights of good sleep and rest I can see the V that heads down to my junk as well as a hint of linea alba, but im not a competetive bb'er just a guy who likes to train.


Wait a minute. If you are a year away from competing why are you worried about lower ab fat right now?

Surely you should still be trying to gain muscle at your height and only 255lbs. No one starts their contest prep one year out from the show.


255 for a natural bodybuilder would be a monster on stage...in 5 contests i have competed in i think i have only come across one other guy over 200 pounds in competition shape...



255 in comp shape would look great I'm sure but is this guy even close to comp shape if he has belly fat?

OP post a pic, if you don't mind.