Hips and Minor Pec Issues

I’m a powerlifter/“powerbuilder”, and for about 7 weeks I was doing a specialization phase for deadlifts and triceps, and although I got great results with the program, towards the end I had some wreckage.

  1. Now whenever I squat or deadlift, particularly when I get to the top of the motion, I feel a pain shoot up across my outer thigh to my hip

  2. I seem to have gotten a minor tear doing weighted dips and my minor pec feels tight. Various things make it feel tighter or uncomfortable, but bench press variations make it hurt, esp. if I go near my 1RM.
    This happened before when I was doing a lot of benching and just laying off it for a few weeks fixed it, though my max dropped:(

  3. My elbows feel tender, and ache when I do curls or some tricep isolation exercises.

None of these hurt when I’m not lifting.

Should I just do what I can (military press, back, calves, forearms) for now, give these exercises a break, foam roll and stretch like all hell for a few weeks? If so, any lower body variations I could do to not get weaker? And if not, and there is something more serious going on, what could it be and what should I do about it?