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Hippo Takes on TEN Lions


Evidence that a dirty bulk, power belly and 5000 pounds of bone crushing bodyweight beats slick abs, sharp weapons and so-called street-fighting/MMA cred, lol.


The hippo's line of thinking...

"ok, this is getting old...BITCH PLEASE! [hippo proceeds to show them whose boss]"


Hippos are incredibly aggressive and fierce, the lions are giving up too much weight. If a full grown male lion was near then maybe it might do some damage. The jaws of hippos are crazy strong too.


This video made my day. I've always liked hippos, never knew why. Now I like them even more.


thats unreal, i heard from a tv show hippos killl ike 20 humans a year on average, the hippo seemed so chilled out for most of the video like he wasnt even phased ahah


i love how the hippo yawned at 32 seconds


Sorry link won't work


Fuuuck yeah. Hippos and Rhinos are DEFINITELY my favorite animals ever. Brute fucking force.

BTW, I assume the Lion died nearly instantly, but does it look like it's still pushing away from the Hippo for quite a while after bitten to anyone else?


I was interested regarding that lion's condition as well. As it turns out the lion made a full recovery.

I was surprised to hear that it not only survived the bite, but also did not die of infection.


um lets see that hippo talk shit to a bear


The hippo is THE most dangerous animal according to many experts. I would go for anopheles myself, though. Lions? Pshaw!


Did you Facebook the lion and read its status update, or did it tweet about its condition?

How the hell do you know the lion's condition?


Don't forget a Hippo yawning is actually a sign it's really pissed off. As for how I know this... lets just say I know someone who REALLY likes Hippos lol


Interesting... as Ponce said below, where'd you see/hear this? Just curious.

Dude - A hippo would fuck up a bear. Through my years of watching Animal Planet / Discovery / Nat Geo, etc etc, I've surmised that there really isn't much of ANYTHING in the animal kingdom that trumps a full-grown hippo. They're much stronger and faster than bears, no doubt about it.

Shit, I've seen hippos take on elephants with no trouble. Git-damn massacre machines, those ones.


Yeah a hippo would wipe its ass with a furry bear. In Africa some of the most feared animals are black mambas, hippos and bull elephants.


That was taken from a show on NAT GEO about that lion pride. It showed that lioness was hurting pretty bad for awhile, but surprisingly made a full recovery.



Someone more knowledgeable in animal hunting strategy explain to me why the lions are such a bunch of wimps?

I mean, it looked like some standard action movie, except that you get animals instead of human actors.

There are 10 or so lions.

Instead of using their numbers to bring the hippo down... A single lion "attacks" it while the others kind of hang around and cheer it on or something.
(and the lion can't seem to decide whether to bite or lick the hippo apologetically, either)

My experience with animals and their "combat" behavior is limited to my dogs, so I have no idea why the lion's don't attack in a more fierce fashion (or why the hippo just sits there and doesn't do anything most of the time , with two notable exceptions and his occasional running away).


They have to attack from the rear and only so many have room. You saw what happened to the lion that got too close to the front/mouth. Also, animals which depend on staying healthy to survive will let other more foolhardy ones attack a dangerous animal like a hippo and hang back and conserve energy and limbs/life whenever possible.

They must have really been hungry in the first place to go after a hippo as they are one of the most dangerous animals in Africa along with the Elephant, Rhino, and Cape Buffalo.



No kidding. It looked like a road construction crew for most of the video.

I guess since the hippo didn't just fall over and give up, the lions didn't know what to do.


The only thing a Hippo MAY have to worry about is an enraged bull elephant. It just weighs more and has a height advantage. But I don't think these two ever tangle much...they are of the same breed in terms of predator/prey and what they eat.

Freaking crocs get bit in half by hippos. Any big cat, or bear, one on one, is no match. They kill more humans than any other animal in the wild...maybe because we think they are docile and get too close.

I think their jaws are the 3rd strongest in the animlal kingdom ( I think there was a nature show where they compared the 10 strongest jaws...some freaking deep sea fish won, and the only reason they figured it out was it bit cleam through the hardrubber casing on the nose of a submarine) and their tusks are razor sharp and fit so close together, anything they bite suffers lots of hurt.

Yeah...hippos rock.