hip to be square (couldnt resist)

incredibly lame topic name aside… i have an issue with my hip that has been a problem for a long time but is just now at the point where its really annoying.

i first noticed the problem when doing straight leg raises for abs. once i reach around a 90 degree angle at the joint and then start lowering my legs there is a click in my left hip joint. the click on its own isnt bad, but once i start doin a bunch of reps it starts to ache a little bit.

since then i basically figured out where to stop the leg raise at the perfect angle to get maximum raise, without the clicking. however, ive started doing seated good mornings recently (love them, as its working on a big weakness for me) and once i started to work up to a certain weight, i started to feel the click as i came out of the bottom of the good morning. this is even worse sitting down as it almost feels like the leg starts to go dead and destroys my concentration on the lift. i dont think its from my form breaking at the higher weight, as i have been really anal about my form with these (had some really bad disc alignment problems before).

any ideas what might cause this??

Sounds like ‘Snapping’ hip.

The psoas tendon can catch and flick within the hip area. Treat with stretching and massage therapy.

tnx! looked up snapping hip and found some more hip stretches to try. hopefully that helps.

Had the same thing. everytime i would sit down (hip at 90 degrees) it would pop wheni got up. ART fixed it and using a suit with the straps down when box squatting, plus stretching made it stop. The best stretch i found for my hips is a butterfly stretch with the upper body laying on the ground. when doing it this way you can totally relax your hips and let them fall to the ground.