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Hip Thrusts in 5/3/1

I’m going to be starting a 5/3/1 cycle soon with the simplest strength assistance template. Basically taking a “big” assistance lift after each main lift and doing varying percentages of your 1-rep max like with the main lifts. I’m wondering right now whether it would be a good idea to use hip thrusts as one of the big assistance lifts, or if it doesn’t really qualify. I’ve never done them, and don’t really know how much weight to expect to be able to use etc

I used the hip thrust for one of my assistance lifts for awhile. It helps a lot with the top half of the deadlift and it doesn’t load your back, which is good if you are already doing exercises that load your spine for your other lifts. For most people, your max hip thrust weight will be somewhere between your max squat and max deadlift (probably closer to your deadlift), but if you are not used to doing hip thrusts, you will start out pretty weak and progress quickly as you become more proficient at the movement.

Thanks, if I get up to that much weight, it’ll definitely work for the program. I’m excited to try these with all the hype Bret says about “all glute training being wrong”. Hopefully they will help a lot with my sprinting speed.

I have used them succesfully as a part of warmup prior to squat. Done light and together with light ab work typically 2-3 sets of 10.

Sure, use it as an assistance exercise, 3-5 sets of 10-15 is fine for exercises like it and glute bridges. Just don’t use percentages for awhile as you progress incredibly fast with stuff like hip thrusts/glute bridges when you first start doing them.