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Hip Thrusters - Primary or Accessory Lift?


Ok I finally worked up the nerve to do power humps in the gym. Actually I just kept forgetting to throw them in and think through how I would set it up. Im not self conscious, but I did find myself giggling uncontrollably at myself doing them, esp cause I happened to wear short running shorts to the gym that day and Im pretty sure I creeped out the entire university gym...

Anyways, I did them after squats and Im not sure it was meant to be, but it was the first time I had done them so Im not sure I wasnt just getting the neurological part worked out.

How have you guys found them to suit your workout best? I generally do a primary lift for singles or triples, then some sets of 5-8 of another related compound lift, and then some sets of 8-20 of other accessory crap till I get bored or run out of time. I was doing sets of 5, but maybe felt like I should have done them more "fresh"

Any thoughts? Experiences? Thanks in advance.


I would never do these, ever. They look, and sound, really stupid.

Also, there are no "accessory lifts" in bodybuilding.


I actually like this movement, though I do the one on the floor not from a bench. 4 sets of 8-12 works just fine done at the end of your workout.


I've used it as a hamstring exercise for one of my DC routines. I like it.


light and explosive for activation in the beginning
***assuming a lower/hip day

Moderate to heavy after regular strength work
**Ramp weight....aim for sets of 8-12...slight pause at the bottom (but don't "deflate"..stay tight and engaged)...explode up as high as possible, paying attention to hyperextension of the hips/low back....contract hard at the top...drive through heels....hips should finish in-line with knees or maybe slightly above, IF you have a "healthy" range of motion in your hips/back

Do as many sets as you feel are productive and can tolerate

These are a very good exercise....not many exercises load the hips from above like this one does

Personally, I like these


alternatively, I could just have my girl wear a sexy weight vest to bed. Maybe elitefts or contreras could get on that product development. Thanks for the responses guys.


Sexy Girl is Sexy in any weightvest.
Have fun.

I do these with no weight as part of dynamic activation on LB days but am not about to load up in the weight room.


Where do you guys put the bar? It was putting way to much pressure on my bones every position I tried.


This is the one legitimate use of a pussy pad (squat pad). Helps distribute/cushion the load. Otherwise, over the hip joint, for the most part.


Yes, the tampon is essential for me during this exercise. Otherwise it would crush my pelvis.


If you do them, do them right. Count your reps out loud using "giggities" instead of numbers.

I do them as part of my ACL rehab. I like them for that but have no experience using them to put on size.


This exercise is part of my regular leg routine. I start on the bench (hip thruster ), and when the weight gets too much, I switch to the floor (glute bridge). Emphasis goes from hips/glute to hammies/hips.

IMO, this progression is downright devastating, so I say it's a Primary lift all the way. When I train legs, I have two primary exercises - squat for the quads, and hip thruster/glute bridge for the rest. Squats always come first. These are next to last (good girl / bad girl is last - this would be accessory work).

And forget the squat pad - what you want is that big fat 2'' thick square piece of blue latex that is always laying around unused in most gyms. Offers much more protection than the pussy pad - it's a maxi dammit!

Anyone thinking about this exercise should check out the ass-man's advise on it:


This works well, but remember to count by twos.